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One of the tasks "Company technical solutions" - CTS - full service IT-infrastructure enterprises of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.
Another area of our work - the development of sites of any complexity, with a stylish design, literate lyrics and convenient functionality. We offer you a complete solution - from the exclusive layout to effectively promote on the Internet.
CTS is engaged in the creation of sites on any subject, and of varying complexity: from small website to the online store. The product can be integrated with our developed software.

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Website Development

Sites that provide IT-specialists CTS - a modern software with a simple and user-friendly control system. You can order the administration we have, or get detailed information about how to do it yourself. Throughout the duration of the use of Internet resources we will provide you a reliable technical support.
Complex services, which offers the "Company technical solution" includes all phases of work with the site: the creation of a semantic core, design and layout, programming and further technical support. Ordering all in one company rather than by different specialists, you will greatly save your time and money.
Depending on the type of your website, we will develop individual features that will be most convenient for visitors and perform all the necessary tasks: provision of information, the organization quickly and easily order, search, and so on.

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Software for Trade and Warehouse

  • Creation of original documents (bills, invoices, bills of lading, contracts, etc.). Due to the presence on the various templates, you can make out the documentation quickly and easily, saving considerable working time;
  • Control of residues in the warehouse;
  • Consideration of consignments;
  • Warehouse accounting latching storage locations goods intralogistics;
  • Convenient accounting of income and the sale of goods;
  • Quick redundant;
  • Keeping records of debts of customers and suppliers;
  • Consideration of the purchase prices, the calculation of the cost;
  • External logistics;
  • The financial analysis;
  • Accrual accounting and salary employees.

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Software for Catering

  • Maintain warehouse;
  • Maintaining calculation cards, including without limitation, semi-finished products;
  • Cancellation of the goods on the basis of calculation cards;
  • Calculation of cost;
  • Order goods;
  • inventory (planned and operational);
  • Operational control of current sales;
  • Analysis of sales by category of dishes;
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the work kitchen (cooking time and feed);
  • Maintain stop-lists.
Front office
  • Seating Clint
  • Maintaining tables
  • Combining tables
  • Separation of checks between guests, diners at the same table
  • Feeding dishes Plan (courses)
  • Automatic Update cuisine of new orders, a monitor or receipt printer, located in the kitchen.
  • Confirmation of the kitchen ready meals
  • Provision of discounts for regular customers, working with discount cards
  • Interchangeable reports

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The mechanism of Website Development

  • Understanding of the field of activity of the company;
  • Identification of key positions, which should be reflected on the site;
  • Definition design development strategies;
  • Analysis of existing advertising materials, if any;
  • Development of technical specifications;
  • Development of a graphical layout;
  • Design, programming, content filling;
  • If necessary - promotion.

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Software for car services and stores

We offer our author's development - a program for service and spare parts shop. Our IT-specialists have created software that allows you to automate many of the business processes of enterprises, and thereby facilitate the work of employees, improve customer service and make the management more efficient.
  • Maintaining complete customer service center or the store base;
  • Maintain product catalog, spare parts and consumables, including kata log interchangeable products;
  • Keeping records of stock;
  • Automation of the order missing goods;
  • Calculation of standard time required for repairs;
  • Preparation of financial and management reports;
  • Shift Payroll;
  • Visualization workshop download;
  • Print full package of documents.

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Software for Hotels and Recreation Centers

From the sales offices:
  • Full description of the number of rooms.
  • The formation of contracts of room stock sales and related services.
  • Vizualizatsiya Population.
  • Avoiding double checking (overbooking).
  • Maintain customer base for individuals and legal entities.
  • The system of discounts for regular customers, depending on the number and value of previously acquired travel.
  • Financial and management analyst.
  • The possibility of selling a few offices.
  • Work with agents supplying services on the basis of commission.
From the place of settlement
  • Possibility of automatic registration of arriving, on the basis of the sales contract.
  • Maintain visual scheme of the actual settlement.
  • Ability to implement services sweat-live at the moment of the client's settlement with the control of overbooking.
  • Ability to implement additional services.

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Who we are - "Company of Technical Solutions"
Our Mission is to make IT-infrastructure of Your enterprise an integral part of your business.
Our Activity is:
  • - Software development;
  • - Maintenance of computer equipment and software;
  • - Development of sites.